Natural remedies as we move into winter

by Mel Sutton

Natural health. Walking and being in nature is a great way to stay positive and healthy

Natural health to winter happiness

By Natural Health with Mel.

Using Natural remedies to heal and live your best life.

How we cope with transitions in life can be a determinate to our general state of health. Try these ideas to help you flourish and keep an even keel as winter approaches.

1 Flower Essences Bach and Bush flower essences are easily available from health food stores. A few drops beneath the tongue for natural health.

The best Flower essences I know for change is Walnut a Bach flower essence. Use for any changes and transition.

Try Elm if you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time, which can lead to you feeling depressed.

Transition Essence is a Bush combination useful in times of change

Mustard to relieve a gloomy mood.

2 Lightbulb therapy As the nights draw in you may suffer with SAD syndrome. An Infra red sauna can be a way to boost your immune system, help to detoxify the body and relieve muscle aches. I have tried this and found it really useful as a natural health tool.

Another option is an SAD lightbulbs that emulate sunlight frequency. They are really effective in lifting the spirits during the long winter months

3 Diet is crucial to keep warm, boost immune system & stay balanced and nurtured. Soups and casseroles are great. Use pulses and seasonal squashes. Our plates will look like a rainbows, gorgeous and inviting and natural.

Plus they will contain a large variety of vitamins and minerals to ward off colds and boost immune systems. Onions and garlic, spices like fresh ginger and turmeric are anti inflammatory and warming for natural health.

Think yellow sunshine and orange sunset as you plan your shop.

Spices balance and warm and are full of immune stimulating properties.  Paprika and chilli peppers are heating but be mindful if you suffer with irritable bowel or a sensitive stomach, these foods can irritate the digestion. Think also of berries, full of vitamin C. Also apples and citrus fruits. 

I like to think of the birds in flight having stocked up on the berries as they  journey thousands of miles. Berries indeed give you wings!

4 Yoga If you practice yoga you will be familiar with Sun Salutations. Done slowly they can open up the body and allow the energy to begin to flow with ease. Done quickly you soon begin to sweat and heat the body. I recommend you find a good Yoga class in your area to compliment your practice.

Surya Namaskar – Saluting the sun to natural health

5 Burning essential oils create beautiful aromas. Try grapefruit or Litsea Cubeba both sunshine scents that lift the spirit, cleanse and purify. Other oils are antibacterial, try Eucalyptus, Black pepper or Cardamon. Use for bathing, a few drops in a bath base or milk powder or in a vaporiser to cleanse and create a lovely atmosphere to create a natural healthy space.

6 Conscious thinking There is a deep connection between our thoughts and the life we have. Louise Hay the pioneer of affirmations and positive thinking has many wonderful sayings you can incorporate into your daily routine. A favourite of mine is In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. There are so many wonderful affirmations, check online or in her array of books for natural healing.

7 Visualisations When we are missing the sunshine you can practice visualisations and meditations. I use Insight app but there are many others on the market that are free. The power of the mind through visualisation and stillness is remarkable. Practice makes perfect. Visualise what you are seeking, do it daily and see your life change and unfold into the life you want. To quote Wayne Dyer American self-help author and motivational speaker If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

I always say to clients imagine you are a seed. What would you like to develop into? 

This article is taken from Mel’s regular natural health column in SE10 magazine

Mel Sutton is a Yoga & Meditation teacher in Greenwich and SE London. A health coach, homeopath and aromatherapist she can be contacted through her website

Mel is a Chopra Center meditation instructor and a qualified Yoga teacher.