We offer

  • Group activities and team building experiences. These fun and experiential events take you outdoors into nature. As we practice mindfulness using visualisations with colour and senses we experience how our breath,  mind and emotions are all connected. Through the breath and walking we regain balance and connect back to our true nature. As we gain an understanding into how our mind, body and emotions are all connected we learn to reduce our stress. This enables more time in your life for the things you enjoy
  • Creative experiences where we get you to discover your creativity through step, mind, breath visualisation techniques including painting, drawing and writing  Testimonials

We  teach you how to live in the present moment. Our Mindfulness in Nature walkshops have been commissioned by galleries, companies for team building and festivals   Get in touch 

How Mindfulness can help you

Being outside and experiencing Mindfulness Walking is enriching and healing. Mindfulness connects us to our authentic self and into a place of being present. It allows us to connect to our true self. By  letting go of stress and negative thinking we begin to discover and reconnect with who we are

Just allowing yourself to let go and release old patterns creates space for new things to enter into your awareness. This is how mindfulness then becomes a part of what you do. New seeds of awareness are planted and with practice, like watering and nourishing a plant we begin to flourish and live a life that reflects and honours our unique soul.As we let go of old habits we plant seeds of our potential and create new and healthy desiresWe learn to experience the beauty around us and to focus our awareness on the positive things.

This changes our reality and ultimately changes our life read more

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Our Mindfulness events have been commissioned by companies, charities, festivals and galleries. Go to  Clients and Events