Learning to meditate

We offer many roads to learning meditation

A basic introduction to meditation If you want to dip your finger into what meditation is about.

This introductory session lasts 60 minutes. We cover the benefits of meditation which include stress reduction and a greater wellbeing and learn how meditation can transform your life as we become less reactive and more responsive.  We also run these events in London throughout the year.

Receiving your own personal mantra.  A four session teaching available 1-1 or groups

First session An introduction to meditation  60 – 75 minutes

Second session  Receive your personal mantra 45 – 60  minutes this includes a 30 minute practice together

Third session  is a  Q & A session. Lots of questions will arise and this is the time to ask, explore and grow

Fourth session Higher States of Consciousness. As we deepen our meditation practice we will experience different levels of consciousness. We are all familiar with waking sleeping and deep sleep which are the first three levels .From our experience it is good to have some understanding of the higher levels of consciousness so as we meet them we are able to embrace and be open to the possibilities and potential they unfold.

Session one and two are day apart with the third and forth a few days later.

The whole course will be completed within a couple of weeks.

Meditation in the workplace We come to you to teach our Meditation programme in your company.

If you want to introduce group meditation as a wellbeing activity we will assist you to set this up. For these meditations we use a general mantra technique and tis does not include personal mantras unless asked for.

Online Skype and Ring Central appointments available if you live overseas but like what you see

For information on any of the above and to get in touch (07962) 549 392