Yoga gallery




Standing poses are the foundation of yoga and strengthen the quadriceps which are the muscles that pump the blood up to the heart centre.  They also strengthen the legs, knees and ankles and stretch the hamstrings. Here I am showing Janet ways to lengthen her body using blocks to deepen the pose.


Vrkshasana Tree pose

Debs works out regularly but is new to yoga. This pose improves balance and develops mental focus and attention. You are aiming for the foot to be pressing on the inner thigh but its fine to have the foot either resting against the inner ankle or calf but never on the knee. Some days its easier to stand in balance, and this pose will show you how centered and grounded you are. It also works on the endocrine system.

Toe sequences

Mike had a bad back when he arrived so we worked on his balance and some restorative yoga poses. First by lifting and spreading the toes to help Mike’s posture and balance.



As we age our feet and ankles get stiff and its rewarding to find how simple movements can increase balance, flexibility and strength.


Balasana is a restorative pose to help release the back, through releasing tension in quadratic lumborum, upper intercostals, and the erector spine muscles. For Mike to get into a comfortable Balasana pose we used blocks and a wedge.

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