We offer

Yoga Classes

  • Drop in class Tuesday evening Greenwich
  • Private classes in London 1-1 or set up a small group in your home
  • Yoga classes & commission  for corporates and festivals

About Yoga

Through yoga postures we develop stamina, strength and flexibility

This impacts how our life evolves

By making informed choices about how we live we change the way we experience life. We attract more of our hearts desire

It is this journey that I am honoured to share with you  Read more

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Lifting arms to stretch the spine. Shoulders down, chest open

We work safely respecting your body. Practiced regularly you will see changes in alignment and core strength. Your flexibility and mental stamina will improve. I use props to help with postures which include blocks to sit on and straps for hip opening exercises. My classes are always fun and friendly with a great atmosphere and different levels of ability

I have a background in anatomy so am able to assist with remedial and injuries. We all know our body better than anyone else and I encourage you to listen to your body and hear its needs. It is my wish that when you come to my class you expand your self awareness and leave feeling relaxed and valued. My passion is to help you be the best you can be. It is a privilege that you choose to come to my class

I started my teaching in friends homes which has been really successful. It is a supportive and fun way to develop and deepen yoga practice whilst meeting up with your friends. I have classes that are still running for 10 years and form deep and lasting friendships


If you have space and can get up to 4 friends together why not have a Yoga class In your home?