Becoming a meditation teacher and having a daily Meditation practice has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

I trained with the Chopra Centre in California and teach an ancient form of meditation that has been revived by Deepak Chopra and called Primordial Sound Meditation.

When you learn to meditate you will receive your personal Mantra that is worked out by using the date, time and place of your birth. From this information we calculate your unique personal mantra by using Vedic mathematics.

The benefits of a regular meditation practice impacts all levels of your being.

  • From releasing stress and tension on a physical level.
  • Creating more mental space for creativity and your passions.
  • Self enquiry and connecting to your soul & your hearts desire.
  • Connecting to your true self through experiencing different levels of consciousness. This benefits  spiritual health, improving relationships, enhancing wellbeing and experiencing a deeper understanding of yourself.

From a weekly drop – by group meditation circle to our programme where you receive your personal mantra setting you up to practice daily Meditation we are open to meet you where your journey feels right.

What is Primordial Sound Meditation 

Read more

Learning to meditate. We are all different. Find which meditation road works best for you.  Read more

  • A basic introduction to meditation If you want to dip your finger into what meditation is about.

This introductory session lasts 60 minutes. We cover the benefits of meditation which include stress reduction and a greater wellbeing and learn how meditation can transform your life as we become less reactive and more responsive.

We also run these events in London throughout the year.

  • Receiving your own personal mantra   Read more
  • Meditation in the workplace We come to you to teach our four session Meditation programme.
  • Group meditation  We offer a drop by Meditation Circle in Greenwich on a Thursday evening  7pm. However if you want to start or end the day with group meditation we can help you set this up at your workplace.

If you live overseas but like what you see  Online Skype and Ring Central appointments are available

For information on any of the above and to  get in touch (07962) 549 392 

After meditation is the perfect time to set your intentions.

When we enter into silence we open into a place of potential and unbounded consciousness. With regular practice we can sew the seeds of our intentions and desires and begin to change our life in a positive and rewarding way

Try repeating these intentions below after you have sat quietly in meditation or silence.

Yoga and meditation  practice is as much about self enquiry and reflection as it is about the postures and breath. The poses we practice are ways to prepare the body for sitting in long periods of meditation. The Buddha called this Sankalpa.

Joyful energetic body

Loving compassionate heart

Reflective alert mind

Lightness of being

Namaste & love Mel