About Me

Hi, I’m Mel. I teach Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness. I live in Greenwich London and have worked in health for most of my working life. I grew up in Manchester and we were a health food family. My love of the environment and nature and living sympathetically lead me to study plants and homeopathy and essential oils. I believe nature supplies all we need for healing. The choices I have made reflect my passion for respecting the planet and eating with consciousness. Read more

I was a pioneer in the health food industry managing Peppercorns a health food shop in Hampstead London in the 1980’s. I choose natural remedies and a whole food lifestyle and live with compassion and consciousness towards our planet.

Mindfulness through Movement

When you experience a Mindfulness through Movement  event your creativity and your sense of wellbeing will be activated. We are naturally enhanced and feel good when we are outside and in nature. I work mainly in the urban city environment Read more

It is my wish that we all respect the earth through a conscious lifestyle knowing the print we leave behind  is gentle.

Learning Meditation Read more

or ask me  07962 549392.