Yoga with Mel

Yoga means wheel and in essence it symbolises all the different spokes of life. This includes meditation, yoga philosophy, teachings on how to live a healthy life and Pranayama breathing practices. The Yoga Sutras contain writings on how to live and experience a full and complete life. So yoga is body, mind, spirit and soul. A good yoga class will weave all of this into the teaching and you will leave feeling replenished, nurtured and connected to the world around you.

Through yoga postures we develop stamina, strength and flexibility. This impacts how our life evolves. By making informed choices about how we live we change the way we experience life. We attract more of our hearts desire and it is this journey that I am honoured to share with you.

I recently became an accredited Meditation Teacher through the Chopra Centre in California founded by Deepak Chopra teaching Primordial Sound Meditation  Read more