Mindfulness walking with Mel

For most of us walking is as natural as the breath we take. On a mindfulness walk we calm the mind through the breath and allow the rhythm of the step to help us to focus.

The health benefits of walking are long researched. We are now beginning to also see the potential of living mindfully which means living in the present.

Our lives are speeding up, and for many this is overwhelming. Combining walking and mindfulness is a perfect way to experience calm, and practiced regularly will bring many health benefits. Taking time to be quiet connects us to our soul which has a powerful influence over our wellbeing and sense of purpose.

Walking  enhancing creativity which has been realised for centuries by writers and creatives as a way of experiencing and seeing differently. There is something unique in how we draw the breath and the pace of our step that chimes with our spiritual wellbeing. When we feel stuck walking is a great way to  shift this energy and open our higher creativity. Also put simply it makes us feel good.

We have developed a relaxed and fun way to experience mindfulness through walking. Our walks begin with yoga grounding and connecting to the earth and to our breath. As we journey we take long pauses where we try different exercises to experience mindfulness. This enhances creativity, you experience calmness and connect in positive ways to the space around you.

Starting in June 2018, join a ‘Mindful Monday‘ walk. Please e mail me or call if you would like to join a ‘Mindful Monday‘.

To get in touch: info@naturalhealthwithmel.co.uk  If you prefer to talk 07962 549 394

Our Mindfulness walk-shops have been commissioned by companies, charities, festivals and galleries teaching mindfulness through movement and encouraging participants to experience things differently. Go to Clients and Festivals 

Currently working with The Dulwich Picture Gallery delivering and piloting mindfulness walks for seniors with mild to medium dementia and social isolation.